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By 衣類. Price. 5. Made by Yasashi! Tags: Trafalgar Law, One Piece, Heart Pirates, Room, Surgeon of Death, Op-Op Fruit, Op Op, OpOp, Paramecia, Worst Generation, Bounty, Donquixote Pirates. Type. Pants. Genres. All.

Description. Give u a Trafalgar Law`s sword ! One Piece Eternal Master Piece Trafalgar Law's Sword: Kikoku * Material: Zinc * Size: approx. L175mm * Limited availability.

Trafalgar law sword

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Info One Piece Trafalgar Law and Sword. Cursor. This tall, slim man with black hair, a goatee, and a northern-style fur hat is named Trafalgar D. Water Law and he is the doctor and captain of the Heart Pirates from North Blue in the adventure manga and anime One Piece. He is a reckless and secretive person who analyzes his environment and rarely shows By 衣類. Price.

YuiOne piece · Donquixote Doflamingo Ao No Exorcist, Durarara, Kuroko, Joker, One Piece, Historia Trafalgar D. Water Law One piece art blue Manga Anime, Pirater, Barndom, \o/ Sword Art Online, Tokyo Ghoul, Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball,.

It has an oblong-shaped hand-guard coated with short white fur, sheathed in a black scabbard decorated by white crosses from the opening to the bottom, and with a small piece of red rope tied near its opening. Replica sword from the anime series One Piece. Kikoku (trans. "Demon Wail") is Trafalgar Law's sword.

Trafalgar law sword

Our shop retails One Piece Sword Key Ring Collection Trafalgar Law (Anime Toy ) One Piece Plex 11017 Anime Goods on the Web.

Trafalgar law sword

In the show he carries a one of a kind sword. The sword … If you are looking for a Trafalgar Law inspired Kikoku Prop Sword katana with this one you can complete your cosplay and you also will get a great replica for your home deco that definitely will not leave your friends indifferent.

The sword doesn't stay true to the anime since it's only the size of a regular katana and has a white wrap on the sheath instead of red, but still a quality cosplay prop for any Trafalgar Law fans. The blade isn't anything special, super dull steel with a two-tone finish (black on natural steel), that slides nicely into and out of a beautifully colored sheath. ONE PIECE Anime Trafalgar Law Japanese Katana Sword Version One. Description.
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Come get now our Trafalgar Law Sword Keychain that comes with its holster to keep the sword. Cosplay - Trafalgar Law Sword DIY Tutorial February 09, 2017. As you all know, I am a HUGE One Piece fan.

Share. Copy link. Info One Piece Trafalgar Law and Sword. Cursor.
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Without the sword, he can still use his abilities at respectable ranges, but the sword is like his surgeon's scalpel. He probably wouldn't be able to cut a whole 

Katana version is 104cm long.Nodachi version is 142cm long. Trafalgar Law One Piece Kikoku Sword Hand Forged 1060 High Carbon Steel Blade Nodachi Kikoku, Trafalgar Law’s sword, is a traditional Japanese nodachi. A nodachi greatsword can be forged.. Koko/Kikoku (belongs to Trafalgar Law) A legendary sword obtained by defeating Order A.K.A Law. It has 2 moves.